Flu Clinic

Dear Parents,

The Center for Disease Control is recommending the seasonal Flu vaccine for EVERYONE 6 months or older. There are 2 types. A shot that can be used on everyone (unless one is allergic to eggs) and Flumist that is a tiny drop of fluid which is placed into both nostrils. Flumist can only be used on children 2 years old and older that do not have asthma or other chronic medical conditions and who are not allergic to eggs.

fluIf your child is less than 9 year old and has not had 2 or more flu vaccine in the past, they may needed 2 flu vaccines. We will tell you this specific information about your child in Flu clinic, if you do not know. Flu vaccines need to be given 1 month apart or longer. Children 9 years old or greater only need one Flu vaccine.

We strongly agree with the CDC recommendations that your child/children get the seasonal Flu vaccine as well as parents and all childcare providers.

Community Pediatrics of Andover runs Flu Clinics on Tuesdays from 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm starting Tuesday from early October to early December each year. We will send a letter in Sept or early October each fall for the exact dates. The time will also be listed on Facebook under Community Pediatrics of Andover.

Mother caring for sick childThese Flu Clinics will be held on a first come/first serve basis. You do not need to call to come to Flu Clinic. We will NOT have time to see unscheduled sick children nor answer questions unrelated to the Flu vaccine during this time. My staff will give the vaccine; you will not see the doctor. The idea is to vaccinate as many children as possible during these clinics.

These Flu Clinics are ONLY for children who meet each of the below criteria:

  • The child is well (we can give flu vaccines when a child has a minor illness like a cold but not during the Flu Clinic). If the child is sick he/she will need to return for the flu vaccine.
  • The child is at least 2 years old.
  • The child does not have asthma or has already had their asthma follow up or physical since July 1 that calendar year.
  • The child is not allergic to eggs.

If this time is not feasible, your child is less than 2 years old or has asthma and has not been seen for an asthma follow up or physical since July 1st, please call for an appointment. If you already have an appointment for a physical or well baby check before the middle of December, the Flu vaccine can be given at that appointment.

If you have any questions, please call the office. Thank you.

Joseph Desiato MD