Burns and Scalds

Burns to limited extent:*

  • If caused by heat– Minor burns to extremities may be immersed in cold water.  For minor burns on the trunk, apply an ice bag or cold wet pack.  Cooling must be continued until pain disappears, sometimes 20-30 minutes.  Non-adhesive dressings such as a Telfa pad should be used, if available.  Do not break blisters.
  • If caused by chemicals— Wash burned area thoroughly with water for at least 30 minutes.

Call the office if…

  1. Blistering.
  2. Chemical burn.

Extensive Burns:  Keep patient in flat position.  Remove clothing from burned area.  If adherent: however, leave alone.  Cover with clean cloth.  Keep patient warm.  Call 911.

*Note:  Do not use ointments, greases, powder, etc.  Electric burns with shock may require artificial respiration.  Pull victim away with a non conductive material. Do not use bare hands.