Hives are typically red raised, blotchy rash that may be different sizes sometimes with a white center.   They are typically different sizes and usually are bigger than a dime to several inches in diameter.  Hives are almost always itchy and tend to come and go with or without treatment.   Hives commonly occur as a reaction to medication or foods or viral induced and occasionally can be related to detergent or soap.   Often no cause is found.  Hives can come and go for a day or days or sometimes weeks.   It will usually improve in about 45 minutes with a dose of  Benadryl.


Benadryl to start but can use every 6 hours if needed. (Dosage 12.5 mg -1 teaspoon if child 20 pounds, 1.5 teaspoons if 30-40 pounds, 25 mg or 2 teaspoons if 50-70 pounds   and 25-50 mg if 100 pounds or greater). Because Benadryl can make one tired or very occasionally hyperactive, so after the initial dose is effective use a longer acting antihistamine instead for example Claritin.(Dosage  5mg or 1 teaspoon once a day for 20-40 pounds,  and 10 mg for >40 lb once a day.  Treat for 1 week.

Call office if…

  1. Rash does not resolve with the Benadryl.
  2. In on any medication.
  3. Has in the last hour eaten any nuts or shellfish (e.g. shrimp or lobster).
  4. The child is wheezing or is persistently vomiting.