Adolescents Needs to Know This

Knowledge Is Power

@ age 15 you should:Teen Girl

  • Know your height, weight, social security number
  • Know names of your health issues and medication allergies
  • Know names of any medications you take and how to take them
  • Know who to call in case of emergency

@ age 16 you should:

  • Know if your immunizations are up-to-date and where to get a record of them
  • Ask questions about your health at your visits; making a list before you go will help you remember important issues
  • Know how to call for advice & how to schedule an appointment
  • Find a way to remind yourself to take medications so you don’t miss any doses

@ age 17 you should:Teens

  • Know names of your prescriptions & how to fill them
  • Know how often you should get a physical and how to get your annual flu shot
  • Know your insurance information (company, type)
  • Know what a referral is and when you need it
  • Ask your parents about family history and any details of your medical history that you might not know such as hospitalizations as a baby

@ age 18 – 22 you should:

Be in charge of your health care:

  • Schedule all your own appointments
  • Speak to your health care provider on your own
  • Fill out information about family history, your past medical history, allergies, and immunizations yourself
  • Fill your own prescriptions
  • Take all your medications on time

From Boston Children’s Hospital Community of Care Member Information.