Asthma Action Plan

If your child has asthma, Dr. Desiato will provide you and your child wih a tool called an Asthma Action Plan. An Asthma Action Plan is broken down into three zones that match the colors a Traffic light: green, yellow, and red.  Green is “Go” on as normal, everything is fine.  Yellow is “Caution”, one’s Asthma may flare or is starting to flare.  Red is “Stop”, one is not controlling one’s Asthma flare and you need immediate help.  Asthma is categorized as intermittent or persistent.  Intermittent asthma symptoms that are mild and infrequent.  If one has persistent asthma where the symptoms are very frequent or very severe, then one might need a controller medication that one takes every day Ex Singular, Flovent, Pulmicort or Advair.  Mild flares are usually controlled with Albuterol.  Dr Desiato will discuss this with the patient and family during a Physical, an “Asthma visit” or a sick visit involving an asthma flare up.  A specific Action Plan for that patient will be given or updated as needed.

Asthma Action Plan

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    Green zone: You’re doing well!

  • breathing is good
  • no cough or wheeze
  • sleep well at night
  • can go to school and play

    Yellow zone: Caution

  • first signs of a cold
  • cough
  • mild wheeze
  • tight cough
  • coughing, wheezing, or trouble breathing at night

    Red zone: Get Help!

  • medicine is not helping
  • breathing is hard and fast
  • nose opens wide
  • skin pulling in between ribs (retractions)
  • cannot talk well