ADHD Policy

Your child has or is suspected to have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  This requires medication and possible adjustments of these medications as well as continuing assessment of new or existing problems including learning disabilities, behavioral issues and social interactions.

As noted above, this can be a complex issue to follow.  Learning issues, behavioral and/or social issues can also mimic the symptoms of ADHD, but are not treated with the stimulant medication that is typically used to treat ADHD.

It is imperative that report card AND Vanderbilt Forms are brought to all follow-up appointments.  The Vanderbilt Forms MUST be filled out by the teacher(s) within 10 days of the visit.  The report card and the Vanderbilt questionnaires along with your impressions are essential to that follow-up visit’s management of your son/daughter.

The report card and Vanderbilt Forms need to be brought in or mailed and received by Community Pediatrics of Andover at least 2 working day before the visit.  If not, you will be asked to reschedule.  This allows the information to be compared and a preliminary assessment made prior to the visit.  No more than 10 days of medicine will be given (if needed) while waiting for the information.   This is because pending the information and assessment, the medication may be changed or discontinued.  In that 10 days, the follow up visit will be rescheduled and the report card and questionnaires need to be returned as outlined above.  These appointments often require extra time and they are scheduled as such.  If one fails to bring this information repeatedly, other patients that I could have scheduled for this time will be displaced needlessly.  At that point, I will be unable to continue to treat your child for this condition.

The parent/guardian agrees to provide the most recent report card and Vanderbilt Forms at each follow-up visit for ADHD as specified.  The parent/guardian also understands this form will be placed in his son’s/daughter’s chart for reference.

Vanderbilt forms are available for download here.